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Jan 2016

Communication is the Currency of Leadership

Communication is the Currency of Leadership  Read More


  • ...when Quality issues required us to remove our product from worldwide distribution, I called PLS to lead the return to market. PLS defined a project involving a diverse team that included design, quality systems, manufacturing, regulatory, quality, and the executive staff. They led this international team to a successful re-introduction only seven months later.

    Medical Device start-up
  • ...our regional hospital wanted to reduce accounts receivable and days outstanding. PLS led our team to a) analyze processes to improve accuracy and timeliness of producing invoices; and, b) identify opportunities for elective admissions to understand full costs and begin a payment program that best met this situation. The team reduced outstanding invoices by > 15 days; and identified a large uncollected debt write off.

    Regional Hospital
  • ...we (the corporate office) called PLS to shut down a remote, poorly performing design and manufacturing operation. PLS, acting as the GM, first stabilized the work force and projects preparing for transfer to another division. In the process, we noted a significant uptake in performance. We asked PLS to continue as GM but hold off on closure plans. Within a year. this facility became one of our most productive operations - PLS helped hire the permanent GM and transitioned the role.

    Med Tech mid-size
  • can be challenging to create a truly innovative product inside a large corporation. We engaged PLS to mentor our research scientist in developing a plan, securing resources, and managing communications up-down-and-sideways. Their commitment to making our scientist successful allowed us to prove the technology and get it to market. PLS also left us with our own highly skilled leader who then mentored others.

    Medical Device, large
  • “PLS’s Project leadership class focused on the critical balance between people, tasks, communication and personal accountability. In one day, it highlighted many of the key learning’s I have experienced over 25 years of leading projects. Appropriate for experienced senior project leaders, entry level project leaders and senior management. A great class to use as to kick off a large project.”

    IT ERP Business Integration Project Leader
    Fortune 500 Food Company
  • “The class really made me rethink how a "team" (working group) I'm on operates. After taking the class, I became convinced that this team really needed to approach our work as a more formalized "project" rather than as a "volunteer activity" that we work on as time permits. This team didn't have a clear plan/schedule/outcome, wasn't getting buy-in from stakeholders, and had little visibility among most of the affected organizations. But now we're headed in a much better direction. We have a much better defined plan/schedule/outcome for our "project", and we're holding formal presentations to various management groups to communicate our "project" and get their feedback and buy-in.”

    Project Leader
  • “I found the seminar interesting and insightful. We all tell ourselves that we know what we should do (and shouldn’t do) to effectively manage projects, but we still make the same mistakes over and over. PLS not only described what makes for effective project leadership, but they demonstrated it through real-world examples and in-class exercises.”

    QA Engineer
    Nonin Medical, Inc.
  • ...departure of the program director of a strategic development project required immediate action - we couldn't wait recruit and hire a replacement. PLS had an experienced leader in place the next day - they quickly engaged a demoralized team and got the project back on track. PLS enabled the team to accomplish an on-time launch and seamlessly transitioned the project to an internal leader for completion.

    Sr. Director
    Fortune 100
  • "I found the Project Leadership class led by PLS to be extremely helpful in developing my skills in program management. Unlike other courses I’ve taken, the PLS class focuses on actionable skills rather than abstract theory. Those skills are reinforced with group work on case studies throughout the class. The group left energized and ready to go apply new knowledge back on their various projects."

    Sr. Product Development Manager
    St. Jude Medical